Asian Americans

Asian Americans: A lucrative market for American brands

It’s not wrong to say that Asian Americans are not only the most affluent multicultural segment in the U.S.—they’re also the fastest growing. The median Asian American household income is 39% greater than the national median income. The buying power of Asian Americans is currently at $986 billion, and by 2020, it’s expected to increase [...]

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How American retailers can thrive on Chinese appetite for luxury?

“There’s rich, there’s filthy rich, and then there’s crazy rich.” — while reviewing Kevin Kwan’s New York Times bestselling series that reveals the outrageous world of high net worth Asian society with humour and heart. Remember, funnyman Russell Peters’ sketch about him bargain-hunting in a seedy Toronto mall, manned and frequented by Asians selling [...]

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Why multicultural marketing and how to do it right?

Ethnic groups are growing in the U.S The United States is truly still a melting pot of cultures, a blend of ethnicities, languages and customs. The U.S. Census projects that by 2044, African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics collectively will comprise 50% or more of the population. Minorities will eventually become the majority and disrupt [...]